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413 NW 21st.
Portland OR. 97209


Sun-Thurs: 11:30am-10pm
Fri-Sat: 11:30am-Close
Daily Happy Hour: 3pm-6pm

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Smokehouse 21

Smokehouse 21 rubs and smokes a variety of barbecued fish, fowl, pig, lamb and cow. All of our meat and vegetables are sourced from local butchers and farmers, and the buns for our sandwiches come from Ken’s Artisan Bakery, right here in Portland.

All of our meat is served dry, so you determine which, if any, sauce you want and how much of it to use. Barbecue sauces include Classic and Spicy (Texan-style) or Spicy Vinegar and Mustard (Carolina-style). Each plate is paired with your choice of two sides, every sandwich with one. And everything comes with wet naps and extra napkins (trust us: you’ll want ‘em).

Jerky: Fish-Style

You’re probably already in the know, but we’ve been doing jerky—fish jerky—for quite a while now.

It’s tough, but not too tough. And it’s also a great snack to share while you sip your craft beer and wait for the main event.

Here’s how it works. We cure individual steelhead in some salty molasses for at least 24 and sometimes 48 hours before giving each one a 4-hour smoke.

Each one come out pretty dry, but to make sure our jerky’s jerky, we put ‘em on drying racks for another two days before delivering them to your table.

In all, that little dish you’re sharing—or hogging—can take up to a week to make.

But, as you’ve been telling us over and over again, your mouth thinks all that prep’s worth it.

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